Sunday, May 17, 2009

Pics of Planting the Iowa Boxes

Here are the four boxes laid out in the garden. We used a combination of horse manure compost and garden soil. In the fall my plan is to remove some of the existing mixture and add some peat moss to the mixture of each box.

I used nails that were short but with a large head (roofing nails) to anchor the twine to make the grids. After planting the grids you can remove the twine but I've just left ours in. One did break, but that was due to The Kid stepping on it as he used the box as a balance beam (which he will NEVER do again).

And here The Kid is planting some marigolds and pansies around the boxes. This was a moment of 'let him do it his way' instead of 'do it my way'. Took a few deep breaths. They seem to be doing fine where they are and they add a nice touch of color as the boxes begin fill in.

It's cloudy and kind of cool today. Thankfully the veggie garden is under control. :)

Happy gardening!